IDEA World Wide Scuba and it's affiliates in the U.S. will be operating on a limited basis for the next several weeks.

The  IDEA U.S. Office will monitor our phones and E-Mails daily.  The quickest method of contact is by E-Mail.

We will contact you within 24 to 48 hours. 

 Please contact your  Instructor about class schedules.

 IDEA World Wide Headquarters recommends that you follow the  International Precautions for IDC and recommendations Set by the United States CDC.

Public Safety Diving Association
Water Rescue USA

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PSDA & Water Rescue USA
will be operating on a limited basis during the CO-19 pandemic. We will monitor our phones and e-Mail daily.  If you need to place orders for student materials we will be filling orders and shipping them out as usual.  Orders are filled and shipped in the order they  are received.  To make sure we received your order we will E-Mail you  a conformation of the order.

Our current hours of operation are 12 to 4 M-F.  If you are directed to our automated answering service we are on the lines or busy filling orders or processing certification cards.  Please leave a clear and brief message and your phone number. 
Also please contact IDEA HQ. USA via E-Mail. 

Our Instructors are following the  "International Precautions"  recommendations Set by the United States CDC during the training classes.

Please follow the 6 ft. space rule and 14 day quarantine  if you have any symptoms of the Virus.   We highly recommend that you do not follow the WHO & their suggestions so far they have been wrong  and many of our European friends and Allies have suffered and lost thousands to the CO Vid 19 virus. 
President Trump banned travel from China a full 30 days before the other countries and giving U.S. citizens advanced notice and a buffer.  The President was accused of being racist for not allowing the SOURCE OF THE VIRUS TO COME into the U.S.  The Executive  Order he signed saved thousands of American Lives.  Look what happened to our friends in ITALY.

PSDA & Water Rescue USA
ask that you support President Trumps Reelection.
How anyone could vote for a candidate that clearly has Dementia  is unbelievable.  It appears that G.W. Bush & Family and Colin Powell need to be tested.

To our members and other public Safety Officers and Military.  We pray for your safety during these trying time caused by the left wing radicals.

Thanks, Stay Safe

David Scoggins,

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