PSDA & Water Rescue Has been training
Public Safety Officers since 1971

PSDA / Water Rescue USA Instructors are qualified to conduct training in several different areas of water and land based special ops.

Public Safety Diver level I, II, III
, & IV.   Public Safety Rescue Swimmer I,
II  & II for Police, Fire, Rescue & Military personnel.  Firefighter Water Safety and basic water rescue for fire rescue personnel

Public Safety Swift Water Rescue
all levels, swift water rescue I, II, III and Water Rescue Swimmers  level I, II, III. NFPA Awareness, Operations and Technician levels.

Public Safety High Angle Rescue and Confine Space Rescue for Land and Sub Surface special OPS.

Public Safety Tactical Police Diver, Tactical Boat OPS, Bulkhead & Hu
ll Search and Port Security OPS
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